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FFDI reach out during COVID 19 with home delivery

THE FFDI Meat and Food Venture, an arm of the FFDI Group is ameliorating the effect of the lockdown Nigerians are subjected to due to the incursion of the Novel Corona Virus tagged COVID 19.

After being certified by the Osun State Government and issued a pass to move during the lockdown, FFDI Meat and Food Venture has been taking food items round the state. Its products include the highly rated ram meat, fresh cat fish, mushrooms, chicken fresh and dressed ones, smoked fish among others.

one of the patrons, Dr. Adedokun Olagunju was full of praises for the FFDI tea when they delivered his book items. “This is great. You mean within two hours after placing my order i can now eat fresh ram during this lockdown. You people should keep it up. Your services will help many people during this trying period”.

According to the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Akinremi Oluwande, “Our aim is to ensure that during this trying period of our nation, we will help people fight the dreaded fear of going hungry. Once you have access to a phone and you can call or book via our phone lines or whatsapp platform, we will deliver quality, hygienic and affordable foods and meat to your door step”.

RAMpage 2020 takes off

RAMpage 2020, our flagship marketing campaign for the Ileya Festival will take off from March 1, 2020. It is to ease the burden of Ileya Festival expenses, particularly for ram purchase, FFDI Meat and Food venture has commenced a sales campaign to help Muslims acquire rams in a cheaper and convenient instalment payments.

The campaign which is also aimed at alleviating the burden of the populace towards achieving one of the Islamic sunas, will run from the month of March 2020 to July 25, 2020.

The marketing campaign is in different strata to meet the needs of individuals. We are going to be selling rams of average sizes to big sizes.

They are in five groups of N30, 000, N40, 000, N50, 000, N60, 000 and N70, 000.

The instalment payments are for five months. For anybody who wants to buy the ram in the category of N70, 000, would pay N14, 000 per month for five months; for N60, 000 it will be N12, 000, N10, 000 for N50, 000 rams and N8, 000 and N6, 000 respectively for N40, 000 and N30, 000.

There is an added incentive for any patron that pre-pay before May 25, 2020 to earn a 5 percent discount.

Akinremi Oluwande

Chief Operating Officer

Farmers Forum commences Point and Kill Xtra Level

Farmers Forum for Development & Industrialisation, FFDI has commenced its Point and Kill Xtra Level within Osun State.

It announced that two people can share a ram, four, six, eight and even ten can share a ram.

The ram would be killed, cleaned and shared equally within the agreed number of people. This will take strain out of the individual’s life and give them healthy, affordable meat prepared in an hygienic environment.

To benefit from this scheme, kindly call 0812 231 2867 or whatsapp via 08169935500


Our projects include cash crop and arable farming on a thousand acres of land. This also include livestock rearing and fattening. We are putting Micro Abattoirs in major cities.

Technology would later form the bedrock of our organisation as we are gradually moving into fabrication of farm implement, innovative handy equipment for the food processing industry and the drink industry.

REAL ESTATE department would give real succour to people as innovative housing projects would aid development and enhance the lives of the people thereby making them give their best in any endeavour they find themselves.